Our Sincerest Thanks and Final Pun


10 - 2 - 2018

It’s currently the middle of the afternoon in Tainan, Taiwan as I type this entry. Conversely, it’s the dead of midnight back home in Florida. Somehow I still find myself across the world timing my updates as to not catch our hometown audience during their creeping hours. From Facebook and Instagram updates to email correspondences to general success updates, life for all three of us has been a trip. Sincerely, the Black Kids, though, has officially taken on a life of its own.

Eduardo has made it in Hollywood, securing a position at Edelman thanks to his videography skills. Shakira Refos has taken her unmatched talents to the West Coast as well, signing on to the Mill Valley film festival for their upcoming season. As for ya boy, academia kept banging my line - thanks to a timely Fulbright grant, I’ve relocated to Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University as a graduate student in the Creative Industries Design program. We’ve been busy beyond capacities we thought we had, but thanks to the support from all of our audiences, benefactors and readers (yes, that means YOU reading this right now) our film has spread across the country in a matter of months.

As of this release, Sincerely, the Black Kids has been accepted to:

Atlanta Black Gay Pride Film Festival (Atlanta, GA)
Social Justice Film Festival (Seattle, WA)
Gary International Black Film Festival (Gary, IN)
Awareness Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
NC Black Film Festival (Wilmington, NC)

…and counting!

It’s about time to let the film begin speaking for itself, so we’d like to close this blog out with our sincerest thanks to the following contributors:

The Boxser Diversity Initiative, for supporting our debut screening at New College of Florida
New College Student Research and Travel Grant, for funding the bulk of our film and vision
Million Hoodies for Justice, for providing crucial connections and support during initial production efforts
Snousha Glaude, for capturing and mastering our poster image
Aamna Dhillon, for poster arrangements and Creative Cloud stunting
Sekajipo for the People, for blessing our project with bars
Jaren Stewart/Delmar Fears/Devontae Torriente, for warm welcomes and brave insight into their stories
Leen Al-Fatafta/Paul Loriston/Cheikhou Kane, for holding it down in the government office and the box office for the homie
…and Giulia Heyward, for her selfless contributions to several aspects of this project: poster, production and otherwise.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening.


Miles Iton
n.e.Bodied Entertainment