They're Coming! A Preview of Our Latest Production

In 2017 the island nation of Taiwan became the first Asian government to declare marriages between same-sex couples a constitutional right. The very next year, however, several anti-progressive referendums passed during a turbulent election season that threw the future of marriage equality in limbo. A harsh reality thus came to light: the lifestyles and concerns of queer denizens remain largely misunderstood…

…but the gays couldn’t stay limp for long. An emergent supergroup of drag performers has determined to create a scene to house their art form in the southern cities - ideally to do their part; realistically to keep the party going. Meet Nivea, Ultima, Yulily, Bian Tai Tai, Draggy Boo Boo & Mahjong the Crystal: the fierce queens (and king) behind 出來面對 - IN YOUR FACE!

A documentary by n.e.Bodied Entertainment, coming soon.